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Earned Income Tax (EIT) (Wage Tax)

As of January 1, 2012, local earned income tax started being withheld from residents’ paychecks. Your employer should have had you complete a Residency Certification Form to indicate the municipality you live in for proper tax distribution.


Robinson Township Resident

If you are a Robinson Township resident and did not complete a Residency Certification Form for your employer, click here to download the form with Robinson’s Resident PSD Code of 731004.


Self-Employed or Employed Outside the State of PA

If you are self-employed or employed outside of the state of Pennsylvania, you are required to file directly with Jordan Tax Service at 412-835-5243 or 724-731-2300.



Employers may contact Jordan Tax Service at 412-835-5243 or 724-731-2300 for more information or with questions regarding the Robinson Township Earned Income Tax (EIT) (Wage Tax).


General Information

If you have questions about the new earned income tax collection changes, please contact the Robinson Township Administrative Office at 412-788-8120.