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After much deliberation, the Board of Commissioners voted to close Clever Park Pool for the summer at the most recent board meeting on June 1. This was not an easy decision, but after consulting with other municipal pool operators, as well as the pool’s management team, the Board ultimately felt that it was the correct option.

Several key factors informed the Board’s decision to close the pool:

  • Safety of both Township residents and pool staff
  • Strict limits on pool capacity, which would be extremely difficult to enforce
  • Scarcity of the supplies and equipment needed to keep the pool deck and locker rooms sanitized on a daily basis
  • A severe shortage in the number of available lifeguards
  • Continually changing regulations and guidelines governing pool usage

The Board has not yet closed the door on opening the pool for the summer. If the situation improves in the near term, the Board could potentially open the pool in July. But even in this best case scenario, the following issues would need to be addressed in order to safely reopen:

  • The Township would need to be able to quickly mobilize lifeguards and staff.
  • Capacity restrictions would have to be eased.
  • An increase in the stock of supplies and equipment needed to run the pool effectively
  • Evidence that the safety of pool patrons and staff would not be jeopardized by reopening

Be assured that this was not a decision made in haste. While this is not the outcome the Township hoped for, it’s the Board’s belief that closing the pool is the best way to ensure that the health of our residents is protected, which is ultimately our top priority.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.